How can we make a milk brand relevant as a sponsor to an extreme metal festival?

How can we make miners feel that they are never alone?

How can we show that convenience could be the answer in the long run?

How can we make a change of cow fodder to a relevant customer value?

How can we get people to talk about the living needs of tomorrow's society?

How can we re-position a margarine brand by highlighting their ingredients?

How can we make non-dairy ice cream more natural and tasty than dairy ice cream?

How can we create engagement by showing the consequences of not studying?

How can we make the brand part of modern Swedish culture?

How can an ice cream brand take over one of Sweden's most beloved events, Melodifestivalen?

We create relevant and long term concepts and solutions for our clients.

Founded in 1993 | Award-Winning Full-Service Communications Agency

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Relevance - Attention - Connection

Relevance + Attention = Connection

At Lundberg & Co, we bring consumer and brand together through communication. Our approach is based on finding consumer relevance before creating attention to build an emotional connection between the brand and consumer. Regardless of communications channel or technology, the human touch is always at the core of what we do.

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We create relevant and enduring concepts and solutions for our clients.


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How can we make a change of cow fodder to a relevant customer value?