Margarine is one of the most contested food products in recent decades. Becel is no exception. The health situation backed by science has been strongly questioned.

Shared posts on social media where margarine is described as a “poison” and butter a natural fat, has become a truth among many people. Despite the recommendations of the Food Administration about using margarine, and specifically Becel, the consumer has boycotted the brand. As a result, Becel’s sales broke out. Just in the last two years, the market has lost -1.7% in sales.


Little knowing is that Becel comes from the plant kingdom. The perception that the animal product is natural and healthy (LCHF trend) has changed that green options today are healthier. Many people know Omega 3 and the positive impact it has on us. Many people know that it comes from oily fish. But few know that there is also natural in nature. Becel is made from a mixture of linseed, sunflower and rapeseed oil. From the plant kingdom.

Concrete objectives

Go against the market trend and get a positive volume development without having a negative value trend.


In recent years, Becel has increased its volume by 3% and the market backed by -0.2%

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